Sep 2022

The importance and impact of social media on the music industry

The importance and impact of social media on the music industry

The internet has revolutionized almost every field including the music industry. The development of social media has paved a new way for artists to develop and connect with their fans. Music artists and bands have started utilizing platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Instagram, and Youtube to take their careers to the next level. 


Formerly, musicians would record demos and hand them out to the fans. They would have to take some effort to bargain for a time in the studio. Also, it was difficult for musicians to gain an opportunity to play during the live shows. 


In other words, there were scarce opportunities for musicians and they had to try hard to be able to perform at local venues and gain the attention of their fanbase or a representative from a well-known label. 


Most of the above-discussed tactics more or less have remained the same. However, music artists and bands feel more empowered now thanks to social media. 


In this blog, we will discuss the significance of social media in the music industry. So, let’s start!


Five Ways Social Media Has Impacted The Music Industry


We have compiled a list that will introduce you to five major positive changes social media has brought to the music industry. More specifically, music artists can;


Connect With Fans


1․Connect With Fans 


Social media is great as it allows fans to easily access any social media platform they want. They can follow their favorite music artist or band, comment, like, and share their content, and even talk to them. 


One of the most important advantages of using social media for artists is the opportunity to develop a stronger bond with their fanbases. Socials give artists a platform to express their thoughts and feelings or post snippets from their personal life. This content is liked by fans the most as they want to know their favorite artists better.


Build An Audience


2.Build An Audience


Building a community of devoted listenership and fanbase is one of the most important steps to take while developing a career as a music artist or band. It is not about how many followers you have. You just need dedicated fans who love your music and see value in your creations.


If you keep your fans engaged enough, they will buy your music, share it, support you, attend your concerts, and accompany you throughout your entire career.


Create Engaging Content


3.Create Engaging Content


Thanks to social media, music artists and bands can produce and then distribute content across different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, or YouTube in order to attract new listeners. Musicians can use their creativity to create different types of content such as videos, reels, stories, and so on.


Keep in mind that content plays a significant role when it comes to developing a career as a musician and building long-term relations with your audience. If you want to reach your target audience, you should have engaging content that will trigger the interest of people and make them learn more about you.


It’s crucial to identify the type of content for each social media platform. For instance, Instagram and Tiktok are famous because of their short funny video content. Besides, you need to understand where your target audience is. If they use a specific channel the most, then you should focus on that platform.


Promote Music


4.Promote Music


If you use different music streaming platforms such as SoundCloud, Spotify, and Apple Music, you should definitely showcase your music to your fans on social media. You cannot stream on Facebook or Instagram, but you can help fans discover your latest singles via streaming platforms. 


So, you can share short parts of your music on social media. Those who adore your music will definitely go through the link to listen to the whole piece.


Make Use of Paid Advertising Tools


5.Make Use of Paid Advertising Tools


If you want to increase your exposure on social media, you can use paid advertising tools that many social media platforms have. Depending on what channels your target audience uses, you need to decide where to run paid ads. 


Paid advertising will bring more engagement on your socials, increase your followings and recognition, and help you to attract new people to your channels.


Final Thoughts


As you can see, building a career as a music artist or band has never been easier than nowadays. With the proper use of social media, you will be able to increase your recognition and build a community of loyal fans. 


If you are willing to reap the benefits of social media but do not know where to start, do not hesitate to reach out to us by filling out the form for a FREE CONSULTATION. During the meeting, we will discuss how to increase your exposure on different social media platforms.

Author: Diana Aghumyan | Content Writer, Syncho