Sep 2022

The Future Of Music Marketing

The Future Of Music Marketing

The music industry has been undergoing constant changes. Nowadays, the way people experience music matters the most. Nowadays, people do not have to go to a store to buy music albums. What also has changed is that people do not need to use the radio hoping to finally listen to their favorite song after waiting for a while. Thanks to streaming services, music has become more accessible to people, and they can listen to songs whenever they want.


Moreover, there are virtual concerts and live streaming options due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which made all of us adapt to work-from-home mode. It is also great for those who cannot afford to buy a concert ticket and attend a live concert. So, there are equal opportunities for music lovers. 


As the music industry continues to grow, we have gathered some trends and opportunities that music marketers should take into account.


3 Music Marketing Trends to Follow in The Future



Music Marketing Trends to Follow in The Future


1․Music Collaboration


It is predicted that collaboration between music artists is going to increase. Social media platforms such as TikTok have become a popular place for music artists and bands to showcase their talent and cooperate with others. 


It is important to note that there are many rising artists too who have many followers. Experienced and more famous artists will collaborate with them too. This partnership benefits both sides. Young artists can gain new experience, knowledge, and publicity, whereas experienced music artists can reach wider audiences.


Collaboration could be in the form of making covers or composing a new duet song that can go viral if marketed properly.


However, it does not mean that random people are going to start collaborating. Marketers should do proper research to find music artists who not only have many followers but also match the other artist’s music preferences and values. 



Music Collaboration


2․Online Music Events


Indeed, enjoying your favorite music artist’s or band’s live performance is a dream that all music lovers have. However, virtual concerts are gaining popularity too. Platforms such as Twitch enable people to attend a virtual concert from home. So, you can sit comfortably wherever you want and enjoy your evening with good music.


With the spread of Covid-19, many musicians used social media to continue promoting their music. Many music artists and bands use Facebook or Instagram Live to hold online concerts. It was a great way to connect with their fans, answer questions, and perform some of their well-known songs.


Thus, music marketers should look for sponsorship opportunities to hold much larger virtual music events. In this way, it is possible to boost reach and expose a music artist’s or band’s brand in front of a wider, live audience. 



Online Music Events


3․AI-Based Music Making


AI creates a lot of opportunities for music marketers. Depending on your marketing strategy, you need to decide how to use it. Below you will find some ideas.


You can utilize AI to: 


-Identify the listening habits of people and based on that data you will be able to develop a marketing strategy that meets your audience’s needs and interests.

-Make recommendations for music on YouTube or streaming platforms using AI and machine learning. In this way, you can grow viewership while exposing your audience to content. You can also get insight into the viewing habits and patterns of your target audience.

-Automate marketing tools. Music markets can offer more personalized content by learning the consumption behavior of their listenership. When you know the music preferences of your audience, you can customize offers based on that information. This is similar to what Spotify does. This streaming platform uses AI and machine learning to gather user data and suggest a personalized playlist to each listener.



AI-Based Music Making


Final Thoughts


The music industry has progressed a lot recently, and it is impossible to imagine that one day it will stop evolving. One thing is stable for sure. It is the ability of music to help people to stay connected no matter where they are. 


As new trends and technologies are being introduced every year, marketers should use these opportunities to reach wider audiences and help both new and experienced music artists to take their music careers to the next level.



Author: Diana Aghumyan | Content Writer, Syncho