Streaming Growth

Editorial Playlists, Algorithmic Playlists, Independent Playlists

Streaming services have been popular over the last decade. Spotify, iTunes, SoundCloud, and other platforms for streaming music are beneficial for artists as they tremendously increase popularity, help to gain new listeners and make music more accessible to people.

We closely work with our clients before and after the music is released. At first, we will provide you with Pre-Save campaign services to create some hype before release day on your socials, boost release day streams and positively impact Spotify’s algorithm. Then, we will actively work on pushing your music to editorial, algorithmic and independent playlists.

Editorial Playlists

Editorial playlists are created by the staff of Spotify. Even though there is a growing trend towards algorithmic (automatically generated) playlists, Spotify created playlists are still prevailing.
There are various types of editorial playlists such as small playlists, large playlists, playlists based on feelings,country, genre, and so on.
Editorial playlists can tremendously affect the number of likes and listeners, because these playlists are more valued by Spotify than independent ones (third-party playlists).
After working for many years in the field, we have gained enough experience to help music artists and bands to be featured on Editorial Playlists.
In order to appear on Editorial Playlists, you should write a good pitch. We will assist you through your Spotify For Artists account to try and land you on Editorial Playlists. Our team of creative writers will write a pitch telling about the story of your song, the message it conveys, and demonstrate you as a music artist or band in the best light. The pitch should also include information about your music promotion strategies.

Algorithmic Playlists

Algorithmic playlists are personalized playlists for each user. These playlists are formed based on data about what users like to listen to, what they share or skip. After gathering and analyzing all this information, Spotify recommends more playlists for users to listen to.

Algorithmic playlists play the most important role within Spotify for growing your streams and building your fan base for longer periods of time. They are tailor suited for the end-user and drive the most streams to you as an artist. Our ultimate goal is to 10x your listeners on the coveted ‘Discover Weekly’ playlists or for debut and for developing/debut artists to ensure you land on there. You can expect to remain on these playlists for anywhere between 1-2 years. This is how you build a community of real active listeners and fans through streaming.

Independent Playlists

There are many playlist submission websites which allow you to search for appropriate playlists and submit songs from one hub. Soundplate is one of the best tools for playlist submissions on Spotify.

We focus on securing your playlists that have a great follower count and only the highest level of engaged listeners. We target appropriate genre and mood specific playlists to ensure that your track receives attention from the right audiences. Our aim is to turn those streams into organic fans.

Firstly, we select your track genre to see what playlists Spotify suggests. We will carefully check each of them and preview the songs on the list to make sure your song actually fits that particular playlist.
Then, we do a thorough research on playlisters. We check their socials and evaluate their reach. This gives us enough information to understand if you can benefit from being featured on a certain independent playlist.
After choosing all the appropriate playlists, it is time to pitch to playlisters and submit your music. We will write a persuasive text for pitching to explain to them why your songs should be on their playlists.

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