Aug 2022

How to use SoundCloud as a Marketing Tool

How to use SoundCloud as a Marketing Tool

Soundcloud has become an important platform for music artists to grow their fan base and increase their popularity. However, it is not as easy as you may think. There are more than 20 million music creators on SoundCloud and it might be quite challenging to make your voice heard and stand out in the crowd due to fierce competition.


Just releasing music and getting playlisted on this platform is not enough to reach success. Instead, you should develop a solid strategy to use SoundCloud as a marketing tool to have success as a musician.


You may ask how exactly to use these tools and what steps to take to get more exposure on SoundCloud. We have created this guide to give you a comprehensive strategy for reaching all your marketing goals. In this blog, you will learn 5 essential steps for SoundCloud promotion and increasing your exposure on the platform.


A 5-Step Guide On How to Utilize SoundCloud as a Marketing Tool


Set a Clear Goal


Set a Clear Goal

Without having a specific goal, you cannot measure the results of any activity you undertake. When you do not have a goal, you lack focus. It is difficult to understand where to start, what ways and tools to use, and how to utilize them. Besides, goals allow you to see how you have improved or if your strategies were successful. 


Decide what you want to achieve by using SoundCloud as a marketing tool. Do you want to increase your followers or collaborate with other music artists or bands? Maybe you only want to increase your streams for your latest single or want to promote the whole album. So, these are some questions you might ask yourself before getting started.


Analyze Your Audience


-Analyze Your Audience

SoundCloud provides users with first-party analytics about how their music performs on the platform. Apart from that information, you can also learn about your audience. More specifically, you can learn about the demographics (age, gender, etc.) of your listenership. By using this data you will know your audience better and craft advertising and marketing strategies based on this information.


Communicate with Others


-Communicate with Others

As a music artist or band, it is quite important to keep your audience engaged. You should regularly interact with both fans and other artists to increase your presence on the platform, expose your music to new listeners, and keep everyone engaged. 


You can follow, comment, repost, message, and join groups. However, you should focus on a specific audience and creators. Interact with those you like or find interesting. 


Make Use of Social Media


Make Use of Social Media

To reap all the benefits of SoundCloud, you need to implement cross-platform marketing. This assumes taking the content you’ve already published on the platform and posting it on your other social media accounts such as Instagram and Facebook.


If you have a huge following on Instagram, you can publish a story or short reel where your audience can hear a snippet from your track. Your fans will definitely go through the link to listen to the secret track. In this way, you can funnel your current fanbase to SoundCloud and further increase your following.





Collaboration is a powerful strategy to promote music and increase your exposure as a music artist or band. It is also a great way to introduce your music to new people. There are multiple ways to collaborate.  One way to do this is by selling or giving away some of the beats of your music to other music artists. However, you should make sure that your music aligns with each other and sounds natural. Some other ways to collaborate are doing a remix and arranging cover songs after getting permission from the original artist.



We hope you enjoyed the article and are ready to start your music promotion journey on SoundCloud. The above-discussed steps are quite simple but to implement them you still need to undertake some effort and work hard. 


Remember. The sooner you begin, the sooner you will see remarkable results and take your music career to the next level.




One last note!


If you are serious about using SoundCloud as a marketing tool, our team of highly professional digital marketers can help you to get started. Contact us today and we will set up a meeting to discuss all the details of your marketing campaign.

Author: Diana Aghumyan | Content Writer, Syncho