Aug 2022

How To Use Instagram Reels and Stories To Reach More Fans

How To Use Instagram Reels and Stories To Reach More Fans

It is well-known that short videos have become so popular in the digital world. The Instagram algorithm favors Reels and Stories, and therefore, they receive more exposure compared to other features on the platform. As a music artist or band, you can definitely take advantage of Reels and Stories. Want to learn how to reap the benefits? Here’s our complete guide on how to use Instagram Reels and Stories to reach more fans.


What Are Instagram Reels and Stories?


What Are Instagram Reels and Stories?


Reels is one of the best Instagram features enabling you to create short videos and share them with your followers or anyone on Instagram. You can record and edit up to 60-second videos, use audio and different effects, and after share the videos with your audience.

Stories and reels are quite similar to each other, but there are a few technical differences. With Instagram Stories, you can create both photos and videos. Reels allow you to create only videos. Next, Instagram video stories are 15 seconds long, while Reels allow you to shoot videos up to 60 seconds. Stories disappear after 24 hours, but Reels stay in your feed for as long as you want. 


Reels provide you with a large number of video editing tools such as AR effects, and speed controls. You can also combine multiple videos. Unlike Instagram Stories, if your account is public, you can share Reels to the Explore feed, which increases the chance of having new followings. Last but not least, you can add original audios which can be lately used by other users.


Now, when you know the differences between Stories and Reels, it’s high time to grab some tips that will help you to reach more fans.


Let’s go!


Create Engaging Content With Instagram Reels


Create Engaging Content With Instagram Reels


As a music artist or band, it is quite important to post regularly to keep your audience engaged and entertained. At the same time, you should think if that content shares any value or whether it is captivating enough for your fan base.


Instagram Reels allow you to use your creativity as much as you want. You can use Reels for


– Introducing yourself

– Doing cover songs

– Answering fans’ questions

– Posting bloopers

– Sharing personal moments

– Posting teasers of your upcoming music videos

– Showing behind-the-scenes

– Sharing music production process, and so on.



With the proper usage of editing tools, your Reels can go viral and get on the Explore Page. So, apart from entertaining your current audience, you will also be able to attract new people to your account. 


Use Instagram Reel Ads


Use Instagram Reel Ads


If you want to reach your target audience, you should definitely use Instagram Reel Ads. They appear in the Reels tab, on the Explore Page, and in your Feed. They also play on a loop and last up to 30 seconds. Users can view, like, save, share, and comment on Reel Ads.


Here are some tips to craft an effective Instagram Reel Ads Campaign


Choose your content wisely: You have only 30 seconds to drive attention to your profile. So, choose a material that you think is worth sharing and can trigger the interest of users. 


Add sounds, stickers, and video effects: Make your content more appealing using audio or sounds from your songs. Add interactive stickers such as Polls or Emoji sliders to make users react to your Reel Ad. To get more exposure for your Reel Ad, use video transition effects like Zoom, Spin, Warp, and so much more.


Write Interesting Captions: A good catchy caption is key when it comes to using Reel Ads. Use short and direct text with a clear CTA (Call to action) at the end. The end goal is to make the users interact with your Reel Ad in different ways (such as visiting your website or directing them to your Spotify account).


While Instagram Reels are gaining popularity day by day, you should not forget about Stories too. They are also effective in terms of reaching a target audience and creating engaging content.


Let’s find out how you can expand your reach with Instagram Stories.


Create Engaging Stories: It’s been said a lot, but remember that good content matters. Use your creativity to generate interesting ideas for your stories. Try to post something that would excite your audience.


Add Hashtags: When you use a hashtag, your post appears on the page for that particular hashtag. If you use a hashtag on your Story, it is displayed in the relevant hashtag Story, which also appears on the hashtag page. Users can also follow hashtags, which means that it is more likely for them to see your hashtagged post in their feed even if they are not your follower. So, using one or two hashtags in your Stories will help you to increase your following and engagement.


Save Stories in Your Highlights: Saving your Stories to highlights helps increase their visibility. Fans who actively follow you might have missed your Stories. So, they will be able to see them whenever they want. Besides, highlights will allow newcomers to get to know about you, your projects, and your music by watching past Stories.


Utilize Instagram Story Ads: These are vertical ads you can run on your Stories. They do not disappear after 24 hours, unlike Instagram Stories. You can decide how long and frequent your ad should be. 


As for the ad formatting, there are different options. You can run a video ad that lasts 15 seconds, an image ad that plays for 5 seconds, and a carousel ad that allows you to use multiple videos and photos in one ad within 60 seconds.


Investing in Story Ads is definitely worth it as soon you will notice an increase in followers, engagement, and publicity.


Use Analytics: Your Instagram Metrics will tell you a lot about how your content is performing overall. More specifically, it will let you understand what’s working and what’s not working well. Knowing this information will enable you to put more accent on what works well and avoid the mistakes you were doing before.


In Conclusion


Instagram Reels and Stories are great tools to publish creative video content and reach new audiences on Instagram. Thanks to these features, you can expand your reach, build a dedicated fan base, have appealing content, and stand out in the music industry. Hopefully, our tips and tricks will help you to develop a strategy to reach more fans and be connected with your audience, both new and old.


Contact us, if you need assistance in reaching more fans via Instagram Reels and Stories. We will set up a meeting and discuss all the details regarding your Instagram campaign.

Author: Diana Aghumyan | Content Writer, Syncho