Jan 2023

How to Improve Your Discoverability on SoundCloud in 10 Ways

How to Improve Your Discoverability on SoundCloud in 10 Ways

Soundcloud is a great marketing tool for music artists who want to grow their audience and boost their popularity. However, it is more challenging than you may think. With over 20 million music creators on SoundCloud, this platform has become a powerful marketing tool for music artists and bands. Therefore, it can be difficult to stand out in the crowd because of the sea of competition.

You cannot achieve great success by merely relying on releasing music and getting playlisted. Instead, you should build a strategy to use increase your discoverability on SoundCloud and expand your reach.

In today’s blog, we have compiled a list of easy but useful tips to make changes to your SoundCloud profile and take your music career to the next level.
First Impressions Matter

10 Tips to Improve Your Discoverability on SoundCloud

1.First Impressions Matter

When someone visits your profile, they will initially see your header image and display picture. Because of this, having a design that is simple to understand helps a lot. It’s important to note that your avatar will seem much smaller. You must therefore make your avatar simple yet eye-catching. Even while it can appear like a simple step, its effect will surprise you.

Additionally, be sure to emphasize your bio and social media links. Use your bio to its full potential by giving readers a brief overview of you and your music and encouraging your fans to repost if they enjoy it.

You should also check to see if all the links in your profile are updated. In this way, your fans will be able to engage with you and your music on a much deeper level and find you more easily on other social platforms.

2.Use SoundCloud’s Spotlight Feature

SoundCloud’s Spotlight is an amazing feature that allows creators to pin up to 5 things. it could be tracks or playlists. They will appear at the top of your profile page. This will allow potential fans to see your best work first. Got new music you want to gain more momentum for? Use SoundCloud’s Spotlight.

Use SoundCloud’s Spotlight Feature

3.Collaborate With Other Creators

Indeed, there will always be more effective collaborators than you. There are even several of them who are better at marketing. So, it would be great if you could work with them. Collaborate with other SoundCloud musicians by like and sharing each other’s posts, following each other’s profiles, and leaving comments on each other’s recordings. To widen your audience and reach, you might also consider working with others to create new music.

4.Improve SEO

You must make the most of your SEO efforts if you want to rank well in search engines. Only this way Google and other search engines will be able to find you. According to SoundCloud, repeating your Display Name in your Profile URL might aid in your visibility on search engines. Additionally, you can connect your SoundCloud account to other social media accounts.

5.Use Download Gates

Download gates are just software tools allowing you to give anything away in exchange for social interaction. For instance, if a user clicks your “Free Download” button and isn’t currently following the website, they will be asked to do so in exchange for the free music or album download.

These can help you release a tune and gain twice as many fans as you typically would in the music industry. Toneden and Hypeddit are two excellent download gates to take into consideration among the numerous available.

Use Download Gates

6.Use Tags

It will be simpler for users searching SoundCloud to find your music if your tracks are correctly tagged. Make sure to use tags relevant to your genre. Also, ensure you stick to one genre. Your track won’t benefit from tagging several irrelevant genres. To your tags, you may also add emotions and a location. Everything matters.

Your chances of having your music heard by those who are most interested in it increase as you become more precise.

7.Utilize SoundCloud Promotional Channels

These channels stream music by other artists on their own servers in order to reach their regularly large audiences. Though they are frequently referred to as “SoundCloud labels,” they are not what you might expect. They don’t distribute the music to services like Spotify, Apple Music, etc., and if they do have any acceptance criteria, they’re typically less strict.

Additionally, connections with these promotional channels are simple to keep up through Facebook messaging or direct SoundCloud messaging, making it simple to pitch your songs. More people will listen to your featured music the bigger the channel is. Make sure to do some research before pitching as these channels are genre specific.

Utilize SoundCloud Promotional Channels

8.Upload a Better Picture

For all aspiring artists, developing a strong brand identity to stand out in the public is crucial. A listener’s first impression of an artist is their profile. Create a profile that looks good and add a header image and a decent display picture. Use images that represent your identity and work. By employing this tactic, music artists and bands can easily grab the attention of potential viewers.

9.Use Eye-Catchy Cover Art

Wherever your music goes, it is represented by your album art. Your song’s cover image is shared when you post a link to it on Facebook. Guess what if a blog features your song if it gets picked up and played? The cover image is the same. Your cover image is where you get to really distinguish out because platforms tend to look similar for everyone.

Do you require assistance? To help you advertise your music in a style that is wholly your own, our designers at Syncho agency can make a stunning album cover, particularly for you. Let us use a unique design that captures your style and music. For more information, go here and fill out the FREE consultation form. We will get in touch with you shortly to discuss all the details.

Use Eye-Catchy Cover Art

10.Regularly Update Your Page

Try to update your page after each release. Sometimes after releasing a song, there is no word on when the next one will be released. Therefore, it is recommended to maintain activity on the page. A listener will feel more connected to you and more excited if they are informed about your upcoming release. It is a really effective tactic to keep all of the listeners interested and involved. It becomes even more challenging to capture attention if you ever lose interest.

We hope our guide was helpful and you are not feeling confused anymore. By following our recommendations you’ll easily improve the discoverability of your music on SoundCloud. If you want to have substantial growth, you need to stay consistent with your efforts.

Good luck!

Author: Diana Aghumyan | Content Writer, Syncho