Sep 2022

How The Instagram Algorithm Works In 2022

How The Instagram Algorithm Works In 2022

What Is The Instagram Algorithm?


The Instagram algorithm is a collection of instructions that decide which content gets seen. More specifically, it determines which posts you should see on the top of your newsfeed. It also decides the order of Posts, Stories, Live videos, and Reels. 


Based on specific factors, Instagram prioritizes the best posts and features them on the top and gives them the most visibility, while the rest of the content ends up being unnoticed.

There are three most important factors that the Instagram algorithm most pays attention to. 


-Relationship with your followers. This is about if you follow and tag each other, like and leave comments, and react to stories. If you constantly interact with a user’s past and current content, you are more likely to see the user’s upcoming posts or stories. 


-Interest. Instagram notices what content appeals to you based on your past activity. So, if you have been looking for content related to food or a healthy lifestyle, then Instagram will rank posts of those specific themes higher on your newsfeed.


-Timeliness: The next major factor in the Instagram algorithm is timeliness. Instagram gives an advantage to posts that are recent and more relevant. It also shows you posts based on when you first and last visited your page. For instance, if you scroll through your newsfeed at 1 p.m. and check it again at 9 p.m., Instagram will pick the posts published in between your check-ins.



How the Instagram Algorithm Works For Explore Page



How the Instagram Algorithm Works For Explore Page


Based on your past interactions, the Instagram Explore page algorithm shows content that it predicts you are most interested in. The explore page is made up of content created by new accounts we do not follow and it identifies the interest according to the following things:


-Information about the post: Instagram evaluates the popularity of a post based on factors such as how many users like, save, comment, share it and how often these activities occur.


-Your history of interaction: Instagram checks whether you interacted with a particular user in the past or lately. 


-Your Activity: Every time you like a post, leave a comment, share, or save it, remember that it highly affects what Instagram assumes you want to see more of. 


-Information about the person who posted: Pages that have good engagement get the attention of Instagram because there is interesting content that appeals to many accounts.



How the Instagram Algorithm Works For Reels



How the Instagram Algorithm Works For Reels


With Instagram Reels, you see content from both users you follow and accounts you don’t follow, unlike the Explore Page. Another key difference is that Instagram does not try to guess what content you like in the case of Reels. The algorithm predicts which content will entertain you. Instagram ranks Reels higher due to the following factors.


-User activity: Instagram gets a better understanding of your interests by looking at the Reels you’ve interacted with lately.


-Interaction history: You might see videos from creators unknown to you. This is because you have interacted with them somehow in the past and Instagram makes use of that information in order to understand whether their content interests you. 


-Information about Reel: The Instagram algorithm tries to predict the content of the video based on its audio track. It pays attention to its popularity too.


-Information about the poster: The Instagram algorithm tries to understand if creators have good engagement and whether they receive enough likes, shares, and comments.



How The Instagram Algorithm Works For Feed and Stories



How The Instagram Algorithm Works For Feed and Stories


For your Feed and Stories, the Instagram algorithm analyzes the content of the accounts you follow and determines how likely you are to interact with a post using the following factors. 


-Post information: When was it published? How many likes does it have? Does it have a location tag? If it’s a video, what’s the duration? The answers help the algorithms to understand how relevant and famous the post is.


-Information about the poster: Instagram looks how many times you’ve interacted with a specific user and how interesting a user might be to you.


-Your activity: Instagram analyzes the posts you interact with and which type of content interests you the most. This allows the Instagram Algorithm to display relevant suggestions based on your interests.



5 Tips On How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm in 2022



5 Tips On How To Beat The Instagram Algorithm in 2022


If you aim to improve your ranking using the Instagram algorithm, all you need to do is to drive many interactions (likes, saves, comments, and clicks).


And by building momentum with your existing community, you’ll soon find your content surfaced to new audiences.


Here are six ways to improve your algorithmic ranking and reach new audiences:


-Make Creative Reels: Reels are relatively new but you can highly increase your visibility by them. Instagram ranks Reels based on how entertaining they are. So, here are some tips for posting Instagram Reels that will soon get noticed.


-Make vertical videos

-Use filters, music, effects, etc.

-Keep them short and interesting to watch


-Use Hashtags: Using hashtags and keywords in your posts and stories is an efficient way to reach large audiences on Instagram.  Moreover, with well-chosen hashtags and keywords, you won’t merely reach more people but those who are relevant to your business, and who most probably will engage with your content.


In order to find proper hashtags and keywords, you can use Later’s Hashtag Suggestions tool. You type one relevant hashtag, click on the “Suggest” button and it quickly generates 30 other suitable hashtags.


-Post Consistently: Consistency is key if you want to manage socials effectively and have success. You strengthen your social media presence and boost engagement by posting consistently. Moreover, the Instagram Algorithm favors those accounts that regularly post, and, as a result, more people see these posts.


-Schedule Your Postings: For consistency, you also need to create a schedule and decide what days of the week and time to dedicate to postings. For instance, you decided to post every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday. It’s totally fine. Stick to this plan and it will gradually become part of your routine.


-Use Analytics to Monitor The Process: Posting on Instagram is not enough to make the Instagram Algorithm work. You should also track and monitor your content to understand how it is performing on Instagram. More specifically, you need to have a track of key metrics. They will enable you to know what helps to better your ranking.


Use the Instagram Analytics tool. With this feature, you will be able to understand when your audience is active, which hashtags work well, and which posts get good engagement. 


You can also use Later’s Analytics tool which allows you to see how your posts and stories perform in general. 



What Is The Instagram Algorithm?



In Summary


In order to reap all the benefits of the Instagram Algorithm, you just need to know your niche and publish relevant engaging content specific to your topic.


What’s more important is being consistent. Do not post once a month and disappear for another few weeks. To build a loyal fanbase and have a strong bond with them, you should post regularly and keep your audience engaged.


Last but not least, do not forget to schedule your postings. Having a well-planned outline will help you to manage your Instagram account easily and effectively.

Author: Diana Aghumyan | Content Writer, Syncho