You’ll See One Day

Artist Branding and Development, Social Media Marketing, Music PR, Streaming Growth, Influencer Marketing


Hard Rock, Metal, Progressive Metal


2019 - 2022


Creating branding assets defining the band’s identity for social media and promoting several singles.

You'll See One Day - Music Band Banner

Born on the streets of Melbourne Australia, three blokes created a blood pact to become the biggest, most discussed, covered, and listened to band of the 21st Century. A drummer born and raised on city streets, toughened by the harshness of life itself who lets it all out on the kit, Lee Elliott. A guitarist who crawled out of the whiskey bottle of the US to travel across the ocean on a cloud of Cuban cigar smoke to write fat & filthy riffs, Travis Presley. A vocalist from the untamed bogan bushland of the north who flew to the big smoke to write the catchiest of bangers, Nathan Peachey. We came together to form “You’ll See One Day” as a shout-out to everyone who told us we couldn’t do it.

Rock metal Heavy Metal

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Synco Agency provided the band with Full Digital Marketing services. At first, we created distinctive branding assets such as a logo, color schemes, and other visuals which helped the band to become distinguishable and easily recognizable.


We covered the following aspects of Music promotion: Brand Identity and Artist Development, Social Media Marketing, Social Media Ads, Streaming Growth, Youtube growth, and Influencer Marketing.


We did a Playlist placement campaign in order to increase the band’s recognition, streams, and fan base. The campaign resulted in 20K+ streams on all streaming platforms overall and contributed to building a dedicated audience. We were also able to get coverage for the band on different media outlets, and blogs and set up radio interviews. The Agency worked on 4 singles: “Like That”, “Soar”, “Sober”, and “The Letter” and got 200K+ streams and 100K+ views overall.

Latest Case Studies