Oakley Grenell

Music PR, Streaming Growth


Dancehall, Reggaeton


2020 - Present

Having recently spent the 2021 Melbourne winter in lockdown, Grenell has emerged from his studio and is back with a fresh collection of music featuring the crème de la crème of vocalists and MC’s from NZ, Australia, Jamaica and the UK. It’s been 1 year since Grenell released his last 6 Track ‘Style Dem Ripe EP’ and due to Covid, Grenell had the time to craft and perfect a new collection of sonic heavy hitters.

Dancehall Reggaeton Electro Pop

Latest Case Studies

We implemented a Playlist Placement campaign for his latest single called “Strictly Niceness” on different streaming platforms such as Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and many others. The single was placed on targeted playlists and gained 30K+ streams on all streaming platforms overall. The campaign also helped the artist to build a dedicated fan base.

Latest Case Studies