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2019 - 2022


Increasing the artist’s presence on different social media platforms and leveraging publicity.

Hargo Khalsa – aka Hargo – is a producer & singer/songwriter known for his mind-expanding music, soul-centered message. His sound is as diverse as his background… raised a Sikh in a yoga Ashram bordering a Native American reservation in New Mexico.

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Latest Case Studies

Syncho Digital had been closely working with Hargo to release and promote his ‘Saturn Return’ album for six months. Our cooperation included two phases: before and after the music was released. At first, we provided him with a Pre-Save campaign and created some buzz before the album was released.


Then, we intensely worked on pushing the album to different playlists. Thanks to our well-planned campaign, we could boost streams on different music streaming platforms such as Spotify and SoundCloud where the album gained 10K+ streams overall.


Syncho Agency conducted an effective YouTube campaign for the client. His music videos reached 20K+ views.


We actively worked on leveraging his publicity too. Our efforts to get coverage on various blogs and set up interviews on radio paid off and the artist gained more recognition.

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Latest Case Studies