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Promoting a Music Project called "One Province, One Song"

Growing up in Argentina, musician Alin Demirdjian felt little connection to her ethnic homeland. Although she attended Armenian school, her teachers painted a picture of the Armenia that had been, the land peopled by Tigran Mets, Grigor Lusarovich and Komitas. To Alin, it “felt like a movie.”

But when she arrived in Yerevan to volunteer for several months through the Birthright Armenia program, her perspective changed. She had the chance to mix with Armenians from Armenia and explore the local music scene.

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Alin imagined traveling all over the country to seek out locals just like this woman—modern-day Armenians with unique and varied musical talents to share. She wanted to sing along with them and preserve those special moments for everyone to hear. She wanted to explore this modern land she had discovered through the medium of music. And she wanted to share it with people who only knew the “movie” version of Armenia.

The idea stuck with her during the trip back up to Yerevan. A name for the project even popped to mind: “Meg Marz, Meg Yerk,” or “One Province, One Song.” We helped her with the Promotion and spread of the projects on Youtube and Social Media Platforms and got her some recognition.

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