Artist Branding and Development, Social Media Marketing, Music PR, Streaming Growth, Influencer Marketing


Gospel, Christian


2019 - 2020


Creating branding assets defining an artist’s identity for social media and promoting the “I Can” single.


About Artist:


US-based Nigerian American female singer ‘Adaora Nwokoye’ popularly called ‘Adaora’, had released a long-anticipated inspirational single, “I Can”, featuring world-renowned Reggae maestro PAPA SAN, who has been previously featured by Lecrae, Israel Houghton, Fred Hammond, and many greats.


Gospel Christian Spiritual

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Campaign info: 


We created branding assets such as a logo, color schemes, graphic elements and other distinctive visuals which fans can easily identify with the artist.


Then, we developed effective music marketing and blog publication campaigns in order to drive massive attention to the single “I Can.” The artist got featured on different African and American media outlets which increasingly helped the artist get more publicity and exposure for her music.


Syncho Agency assisted the artist with growing streams and views on YouTube. We helped with getting playlisted on different streaming platforms. As a result, the artist gained 30K+ streams overall. As a result of a YouTube campaign, the videos received 100K+ views.

Latest Case Studies