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About Artist: 


Rashad Scroggins aka 17 is an R&B and Soul artist from Baltimore, Maryland. He has been recognized as a director, actor, and musician. It all started when young 17 went to the studio with his dad and met Neo-soul artist Raheem DeVaughn. This meeting evoked curiosity and spark in him. After that 17 started his journey as a music artist and released four great singles sound of which can be easily matched with artists such as Marvin Gaye, Sam Cooke, Kanye West and more. 

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Campaign info: 


To increase the brand awareness, we ran a perfect PR campaign which aimed to get coverage on different blogs and magazines. Our campaign went successful and the artist got interviewed on radio, blogs, and magazine publications.


We brought massive attention to the new singles “Slim Tea” and “Seventeen” by using social media. Regular postings, strong visuals, and active engagement with followers led to social media growth on Facebook and Instagram. We promoted these singles by doing a YouTube campaign as well due to which the tracks had 100K+ views. In addition to these, we also featured the singles on Spotify music streaming platform where we had over 50K streams.


Besides, we employed Influencer Marketing due to which the campaigns got shared by various social media influencers.

Latest Case Studies