Artist Development

Logo Design, EPK/Storyline Creation, Video Production

As an artist, it is important to define your “brand” as it reflects your values, who you are, what you are doing, and what message you intend to tell the world.

Why is it important?

Music artists and bands will be able to have more awareness thanks to the visuals such as logo, signature, image, taglines, or color palettes. In addition, branding builds more trust toward them. Thus, there will be a strong bond between the audience and a music artist.
Our team also offers EPK/Storyline Creation service due to which artists can have a professional electronic Press Kit representing their activity in the music industry, past success and discography, Thus, we will do our best to come up with a strategy that will best communicate your personality as an artist.

Logo Design

In order to strengthen your brand identity, you need a logo that will be simple, interesting, and memorable. A good logo will help you to stand out among your competitors, appeal to your fans, and emphasize your uniqueness. Syncho Digital will create a stylish, professional, and instantly recognizable logo that you will use across your socials and merchandise

Syncho Digital will create a stylish, professional, and instantly recognizable logo that you will use across your socials and merchandise.

EPK/Storyline Creation

Making an Electronic Press Kit is an essential part of music promotion. Whether you’re an indie or major artist you need an EPK Press Kit. When doing business with partnerships, record labels, or sponsors, it is important that you have an up to date professional electronic Press Kit completely branded around your core message. Showcase your newest singles, album or Ep and let people know about your past success while bringing them up to speed on future goals.

EPK typically includes a music artist or band bio, professional photos, links to streaming services and high-quality music videos, social media links, achievements, and contact information.

We will make sure that your EPK has all the necessary information conveyed in a clear and comprehensible way.

Video Production

Video content is a must when it comes to music promotion. It is one of the most effective and thumb-stopping content to use on social media channels. It can be used to promote different types of music artists’ or bands’ activities such as releasing an album or single.

Video production has two main elements

  • Teaser and promo videos
  • Lyric videos

When you release your new single or album, we make sure that you can share a strong visual for your fan base. We use your artwork to create a unique audio-video while incorporating a modern look and feel. To do so, we will create short 15-30 seconds long teaser and promo videos to tell your fans about upcoming releases or current projects. We will come up with a brief text communicating your message and combine it with your music to leave a long-lasting impact your audience.

Lyric videos are yet another effective way to promote your music. Many fans like learning the lyrics of songs of their favorite music artists and bands. It means that they play those videos quite often and increase views of your videos and engagement on your socials

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