Jan 2023

A 9-Step Guide On How to Promote Your Music Video

A 9-Step Guide On How to Promote Your Music Video

One of the most fun aspects of the process of releasing new music is making a music video. It also requires one’s creativity and imagination to achieve cool results. However, promoting your music video is totally a different thing. You should get your music video in front of your audience.

Many musicians do not know how to get started with music promotion. They feel confused about which promotion method to choose out of many different options. That’s why we have gathered some useful and easy ways that can help you to promote your music video more effectively.

How to Promote Your Music Video in 9 Easy Ways

1.Create Buzz Before the Release

Our first tip is to create some buzz before the release of your music video. You need to make your audience wait impatiently for your release. To do so, you have two options: either go straight for the release date and announcement of the music video or go for a more interesting strategy and be mysterious about the release date. In other words, don’t tell your fans the precise date. In either scenario, your followers will be enthusiastic about the new music video before you ever debut it.

Create Buzz Before the Release

2.Share Your Music Video Across Social Media Platforms

After you release your music video, the next thing you need to do is share it on the most famous social platforms. Make sure to share it across all social media channels because you never know where your content may go viral and attract a whole new audience. Facebook, TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Reddit, and even Pinterest are your possibilities here. So, share right away!

3.Interact With Your Fans

The secret to your music video’s success is your audience. You will need to develop and strengthen your relationships with your audience over time if you want to have a loyal fan base for each new release. Inform people of your activities by sending updates, answering their questions, and responding to comments. They’ll be more likely to support your upcoming music video if they feel more connected to you and your music.

Interact With Your Fans

4.Create Awesome Thumbnails

You’ll have to create a visually appealing thumbnail for the music video when you get ready to release it and publish it to each new channel. Although many music artists overlook this aspect, your thumbnail is what visitors will see when they come across the music video when browsing content.

Make sure your thumbnail is good-looking enough to grab people’s attention. Just keep in mind that most people will be interacting with your content through mobile devices, so avoid using tiny text or elements that won’t be visible on smaller screens.

5.Optimize Your Music Video for SEO

When you upload your music video to YouTube, you should next optimize it for search. You shouldn’t omit this step because this will allow your music fans and new potential listeners to find your music videos easily.

When you share your video, make sure to include the song’s name and your name as the artist in the title. Next, include additional keyword phrases in the description and tags. If you’re unsure of what to add, look at other music videos similar to your genre to get a better understanding of SEO optimization for music videos.

Optimize Your Music Video for SEO

6.Collaborate With Other Musicians

The next step should be approaching or persuading other musicians to share your brand-new music video. If you already know a lot of musicians and are willing to help them out the next time they launch a new song or album, this strategy will work better.

In terms of this marketing strategy, you have two basic choices. The first option is to simply share the launch with your network of music artists to let them know about the new music video and hope that some of them would share it as a sign of support or because they enjoy the work. The second is to inform your network of artists about the launch and formally request that they assist in promoting your music video.

Both ways are OK, although as you might expect, you’ll probably gain more success if you ask them directly to promote your music video. You can also combine the two strategies, asking for shares from your closest musical buddies while also distributing the release to the general public. Whatever suits your needs the best!

7.Use Paid Ads

You definitely should not neglect various ad placement possibilities you might utilize to advertise your music video. If you’ve read our blog before, you might be aware of how to run ads on YouTube. Follow the advice we provided there if you are willing to use that platform to promote your music video successfully.

Use Paid Ads

8.Make Use of Influencer Marketing

You can also leverage the power of influencer marketing and reach out to influencers whose audiences are more likely to be interested in your music. This is also a great way to promote your music video beyond your network of other musicians. The reach of this strategy can be as broad or narrow as you wish; you can invest a lot of money in huge celebrities who can expose your content to millions of followers, or you can collaborate with micro-influencers and target a particular audience. You’ll merely need to maintain a balance between the money you are going to pay for the exposure and the type of audience you are willing to attract.

The most important thing to do before partnering with an influencer is to do some research. Having millions of followers does not necessarily mean that they can provide you with the engagement you want.

First of all, find out whether the influencer is genuinely interested in your music. Next, learn more about their previous campaigns and if they were successful. Last but not least, make sure the influencer has an active and engaged audience. In this way, you can maximize the results of your influencer marketing campaign.

9.Use Email Marketing

Another great way to promote your new music video is through email marketing as it is a powerful marketing tool. For a successful email campaign, you need to build an email list. To grow your email list, include a sign-up form that is placed in a visible place on your website. Besides, you can hand out flyers and sign-up sheets at your live performances. To encourage sign-ups, provide your subscribers with exclusive benefits like merch discount vouchers or concert presales. Once you have a large subscriber base, you can utilize email marketing to promote your music videos as well as new albums, reveal tour dates, and keep updated your fans about everything that occurs in your music career.

Use Email Marketing

Like anything else, the more time and effort you put into building a marketing plan for your music video, the more engagement and success you are bringing for it. You do not have to follow all of the above-mentioned methods to promote your music video. Instead, you can incorporate some of those promotional strategies into your marketing plan for the release of a music video and you will surely achieve great success.

A music video is a necessity for musicians who want to increase interaction with their music, expand their fan base, and monetize their efforts.

If you are still unsure how to promote your music video, we are here to help you. With Syncho agency, you will achieve the best possible results. All you need to do is to contact us and we will get in touch with you ASAP to discuss solutions for promoting your music video in the best possible way.

Author: Diana Aghumyan | Content Writer, Syncho