Oct 2022

9 Steps to Start Your Music Career

9 Steps to Start Your Music Career

Building a career in music can be an exciting opportunity. You can earn money by doing something you are passionate about. Especially nowadays, with modern technologies and social media, it has become a lot easier to reach wider audiences and let the world know about your talent and music.

However, starting a music career does not happen overnight. You should understand that many famous music artists and bands gained recognition due to their determination, diligent work, and dedication.

Many young talented rising artists enter the music industry with the mindset that they are going to make billions of dollars in a short period of time. However, they get disappointed and start looking for another career after making little money. So, keep in mind that whatever career goals you are trying achieve take time.

So, if you are serious about becoming a music artist or forming a music band but do not know where to start, then you are in the right place. In today’s article, you will get to know some key steps for building your music career.

Start Your Music Career in 9 Steps

Set Clear Goals

1․Set Clear Goals

The first step should be defining clear goals. Ask yourself why you want to become a music artist or start a music band. What are you trying to achieve? Does your music give any value to the music industry? What music genre do you like the most? Are you ready to collaborate? Do you want to perform at famous events?

These are some questions to reflect on in order to understand what your goal is. If you do not have a goal, you cannot measure your success. Also, you cannot figure out what works well and what does not. So, make sure you set a goal before you get started.

2․Define Your Budget

Starting a music career can be costly. You need to pay for social media marketing, streaming, PR, music studio, etc. Therefore, you need to make sure that your current financial resources are enough to get started or not. No business can function without budgeting. It allows you to understand what income and expenses you have and strategically plan your budget.

Build a Team

3․Build a Team

It will be quite difficult to get started alone. If you want to avoid some expenses, you can do everything by yourself temporarily before you start making a little money. However, this is not a long-term solution. You cannot do everything by yourself unless you have enough time and energy. Soon it is going to exhaust you and you cannot focus on your music.

So, consider building a team. However, it does not mean that you have to gather a lot of people at once. You should have a producer if you are not quite good at creating music. Find someone who does not only have a good portfolio but whose ideas match yours. Next, look for a good music manager. It is a person who is going to become your advisor throughout your whole music career. Last but not least, you need promotion for your music too. Again, find people who are on the same page as you.

4․Increase Your Social Media Presence

If you want to increase your publicity and expand your reach, then you should definitely be on social media. It is a great tool to achieve all your music goals. You may wonder why. It is because you can easily build a fan base on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Tiktok. Besides, you can always reach other audiences. Next, it can help you to boost engagement on social media channels via constant posting and keeping your fans entertained. Additionally, you can promote your latest singles there and direct people to streaming platforms where they can buy your song and help you to have a better ranking on different charts.

This list of social media benefits is endless. Thus, if you are not using social media for building your music career, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

Feature Your Music on Streaming Platforms

5․Feature Your Music on Streaming Platforms

Regardless of whether you are a rising or highly famous music artist or band, you need to get your music on streaming platforms like Spotify and SoundCloud. In this way, you can make it easy for your fans to access your music and buy it. Besides, you can get playlisted on different charts. In other words, you can make money and increase your recognition.

6․Create a Professional Press Kit

No music artist or band can survive without a professional press kit. It is a music artist’s CV that includes all the necessary information about a singer and band. Typically, it contains a bio, professional photos, discography, achievements, contact information, etc. So, make sure you have an updated EPK as you are going to use it a lot for sending to venues, festivals, music blogs, etc.

Build Relations With Other Music Artists or Bands

7․Build Relations With Other Music Artists or Bands

Even though you can succeed alone with your music, it is still necessary to build a network, meet new people in the music industry, and establish relations with other music artists and bands. This can create a lot of collaboration opportunities than can enormously promote your music career.

By collaborating with other musicians, you are getting introduced to a new audience and have a chance to attract new fans. The more fans you have, the more recognized you are. The more famous you are, the more demanding your music will be. Thus, don’t lose the chance to expand your network.

8․Learn Music Copyright Laws

The music industry is also ruled by particular laws that must be followed by all music artists and bands. In order to protect your music, make sure to learn and adhere to all the copyright laws. This is important as people can steal your music or lyrics or use it for commercial purposes. So, make sure you have officially registered your music at a music copyright office. Consider hiring a lawyer, if you do not want to get overwhelmed with legal matters.

9․Improve, Improve, and Improve

No matter how professional a vocalist you are, there is always room for improvement. It does not only refer to your singing skills but also your brand identity, social media presence, communication with others, and so on. If you want to achieve great success, you should not stop growing.

The Takeaway
Whether you are starting music or any other career, be prepared to face some challenges. You may receive both negative and positive feedback. Don’t take it personally. Look at it as a chance for growth and development.

You might have a great passion for singing but feel lost when it comes to thinking about how to build a successful music career. If you follow the above-mentioned steps, you will be able to get started and achieve all your goals. Start small and be patient. All good things take time.

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Thanks for reading, and good luck!

Author: Diana Aghumyan | Content Writer, Syncho