Dec 2022

8 Email Marketing Tips For Musicians

8 Email Marketing Tips For Musicians

Finding new methods to connect with your fans and engage with them is one of your main responsibilities as an artist. Building your fan base, communicating about upcoming shows, selling merchandise, and promoting your music are all made possible with the help of email marketing for music artists and bands.

Of course, being able to make music is not the same as being able to effectively advertise yourself. Some musicians find it difficult to build a solid marketing strategy. Fortunately, creating an email list and sending emails are not as challenging tasks.

There is no need to have a marketing degree. You can follow the 8 steps in this tutorial to create a successful email marketing plan, put that strategy into action, and boost audience engagement.

Why Use Email Marketing?

Why Use Email Marketing?

Over 4.258 billion people around the world have email accounts, so if you’re not sure why you should seriously consider developing an email marketing plan for your music career, consider this. Everyone online needs an email address, and even social media platforms require one when you sign up.

You can relax knowing that email is still in use and will likely continue to expand in the years to come if you’re concerned about its decline.

Mobile phones are another factor to take into account when thinking about email marketing. Everybody can travel with their email inbox. People can keep in touch with their families, friends, or business associates, thanks to the smartphone’s portability.

8 Useful Tips For Your Email Marketing Strategy

1.Build Your Email List

Making a list of every email address you currently have should come first, before you do anything else. To do so, use a spreadsheet as it is the most effective approach to gathering email addresses in one place.

The next step is to make sure you keep bringing in new email addresses to expand your email list.

For musicians, having a solid website with a built-in email sign-up feature is the greatest approach to expanding the email list. By doing this, you give website visitors who want to interact with you a simple option to do so. Incentives that you can use to encourage people to subscribe to your newsletter include

  • Providing a price break on your merch goods
  • delivering a preview of a future music video

Build Your Email List

Additionally, you can use a number of online tools to expand your email list. You may utilize these tools, such as web-based sign-up forms and text-to-join technology, to make it simple for followers to subscribe to your newsletter with only a mouse click or finger tap.

2.Choose an Email Marketing Platform

If you want to get the most out of email marketing as a music artist or band, working with an email platform is a requirement. Email platforms make it simple to distribute sophisticated, multimedia email campaigns to huge audiences. They also possess the tools required to track the effectiveness of those emails, giving you the information you need to decide how best to sell your services in the future.

Platforms for email marketing can help keep your communications out of spam folders, increasing your open and click-through rates. To help you get the most out of their services and consistently send emails of high quality, the majority of providers include tutorials built into their platforms.

Below are some popular email platforms you can try

  • Sendinblue
  • Omnisend
  • GetResponse
  • Mailchimp

3.Set Goals

If you have an email marketing strategy in place, it will be easier to assess whether your emails are effective and where you might need to make changes.

SMART goals ought to be a part of your band’s marketing plan. Knowing if your email marketing campaign’s objective is to boost fan engagement or ticket sales can help create solid strategies to accomplish these goals.

4.Personalize Your Emails

Your email marketing platform, your expanding list, and perhaps a few sequences are all in place, but how do you actually begin writing? Since you essentially have to be yourself, each artist’s experience with this part will be highly different.

Use the recipient’s name when addressing the email. This is the first and simplest thing you can do to personalize your email.

Compared to social media posts, emails are more personalized because everyone can see what you are posting on social media. You should sound informal and personable, just as if you were writing to your closest people or speaking with them in a cafe. Don’t refrain from your fan-friendly tone.

Personalize Your Emails

5.Create Catchy Subject Lines

A well-written email serves little value if no one reads it. The same goes for email subject lines. They must arouse curiosity, evoke feelings, or be aesthetically pleasing. Make the recipient want to open the email and read what you have written.

Try these few tips if you are struggling to write subject lines.

  • Use questions to pique the reader’s interest
  • Avoid subject lines with clickbait. People won’t even open the email because they are already sick of these
  • Keep it brief and keep in mind that, unlike the desktop version, subject lines on mobile devices can only take up a small amount of space
  • Avoid making promises in case you cannot keep them
  • Brainstorm different ideas for a subject line

6.Create Sequences

When crafting an email campaign, try to include the below-mentioned sequences in your strategy:

  • Welcome sequence

When a person joins your email list for the first time, this sequence is sent to them. It is a series of three to six emails that are automatically sent to introduce yourself, your struggles and successes over the past few years, and give you the chance to find out what your list wants to hear from you next.

  • New release sequence

You can accomplish a variety of objectives by developing a sequence each time you have a fresh release. To generate interest and get people to pre-save your music (if you’re doing a pre-save campaign), you can run a little series about the creation of the new album. Create a brief sequence to get your followers ready for when tickets go on sale if you want it to function for live performances as well.

  • The abandoned cart sequence

It’s a short sequence that serves to remind people that they added something to their cart in your store but did not check out.

7.Monitor Your Email Campaigns

It’s crucial to keep track of your development when you start sending out more and more email messages. The majority of email marketing solutions provide a report with details like:

  • Email open rate
  • Email delivery rate
  • Click-through rate
  • The number of people who unsubscribed from your email list

Understanding how to analyze your email marketing report is one of the best things you can do. You may set future marketing goals and keep advancing your email marketing strategies.

Monitor Your Email Campaigns

8.Improve Your Email Marketing Strategies

After you’ve decided on your objectives and have your marketing report in hand, you can start fixing any pain points you find,

If your email marketing may be improved in a number of areas, concentrate on those that will have the biggest impact on your overall marketing objectives. In this way, you can avoid becoming overburdened by trying to complete everything at once.

Improve Your Email Marketing Strategies

Use these tips to improve your email marketing campaigns and don’t worry about how long your email should be or how often you should send it out. Creating an email marketing strategy is time-consuming and an ongoing process.

The first time you start an email campaign will give you a lot of information about your audience. You can even ask them to leave feedback. After all, you send those emails to your fans. So, you must know why they subscribed to your newsletter and read your emails. In return, you can offer them something too.

Email marketing can seem challenging when you think about copy and strategies to grow your list, but it can be fun too. You can reap many benefits if done correctly.

Author: Diana Aghumyan | Content Writer, Syncho