Dec 2022

6 Tips For Musicians On Creating a Social Media Content Calendar

6 Tips For Musicians On Creating a Social Media Content Calendar

Do you struggle to find the time to post about your new music release on social media at the last minute, musicians?

Or are you one of the musicians that release their album and then struggle to come up with anything else to say or create?

We are all aware of the importance of social media to the music business. Consistency is the secret to growth on any platform, regardless of the social media platforms you use. A social media content calendar might assist you in carrying out that task. Want to make people more engaged while saving time? Then, you should learn how to put together a content calendar to help you achieve all your social media marketing goals.

What is a Social Media Content Calendar?

What is a Social Media Content Calendar?

A social media content calendar, in its simplest form, is any organized document that enables you to schedule all the images, videos, and text-based posts you wish to post on your various social media accounts over the course of the upcoming days, weeks, and months. You should be able to see what the content is, when, and even what day it will go online. Additionally, it’s crucial to distinguish between platforms because you may occasionally post various pieces of material on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and other social media.

Why Does Using a Content Calendar Matter?

Marketers believe that consistency is one of the most crucial factors driving social media success. When you do not take enough attention to how many people see your posts, you post anything whenever you want. However, if the vast part of your income comes from social media, you need to maximize your efforts as much as it is possible.

The day of the week and time of day you choose to post your content directly affect engagement, reach for that platform, and lead generation. Even if you do not fully stick to your content schedule, it will save you a lot of time and enable you to create a good outline to stay organized and on track.

A 6-Step Guide for Musicians On How to Create a Social Media Content Calendar

Choose Your Social Media Channels

1. Choose Your Social Media Channels

The first thing you need to do is choosing social media platforms where you are going to be active. To do so, you need to identify which social media channels your audience prefers to use the most. After all, you should be where your listeners are.

You probably do not want to waste your time and resources on creating content for a platform where you cannot reach your audience. That is why you need to spend time analyzing your target audience’s behavior to understand where they are consuming their time the most.

Once you do your research, you can narrow down the list of possible social media platforms and choose the ones that can help you reach your goals.

2. Conduct a Social Media Audit

Reporting on progress is one of the benefits of making a social media content schedule, therefore it is useful to have a starting point. More specifically, pay attention to.

  • Your most successful post by social media platform
  • What types of social media posts receive the most engagement
  • When your audience is most active
  • Compare how different types of posts perform
  • The demographics of your target audience across social media platforms

If you perform a social media audit and discover that you are unsure of what is effective, that is okay! You’ll be able to track data in your calendar and report on it as well, which will help you move forward with ongoing process improvement.

Decide What to Post

3. Decide What to Post

Depending on which platform you choose, your social media posts will be different. For instance, if your audience is active mostly on Instagram and TikTok, it would be better to concentrate on visual content. You can make short and engaging videos on both platforms. If you manage to create interesting content, the algorithm will work only in favor of you. Your content will go viral and many people will discover you.

Facebook and Twitter are also great to promote your music and connect with your fans. If done correctly, your posts can reach millions of people and get the engagement you want.

Below are social media post ideas you can try for success.

  • Q&A
  • Snippets from music production process
  • Share your playlist
  • Live performance
  • Contests and giveaways

4. Decide How Often You Are Going to Post

Now that you know what to post, it is high time to decide how often you are going to post. Your engagement rate highly depends on your post frequency. So, depending on the type of your content and social media channels, post frequency varies.
Below you will find recommended social media post frequency according to marketers.

  • Instagram posts: 3-5 posts per week
  • Instagram reels: 5-7 reels per week
  • Instagram stories: 7-15 stories per week
  • Facebook posts: 3-5 posts per week
  • Twitter posts: 10-20 tweets per week
  • Linkedin posts: 3-5 posts per week
  • TikTok posts: 5-7 TikToks per week
  • Google My Business posts: 1-3 posts per week

5. Review Your Schedule

Next, to ensure successful teamwork, explain to your team the logical steps involved in the procedure.

Since they will be the ones to use it, the team needs to evaluate and comprehend the content calendar template. In this way, the team will be able to spot the pain points of the template and make all the necessary improvements.

Track and Monitor Your Social Media Posts

6. Track and Monitor Your Social Media Posts

Track the success of your posts after they go live to determine which ones are generating the most engagement. Using your research, do experiments on several platforms to see what works best for your audience. Experiment with different content types, publishing days and hours, copy lengths, hashtags, and multimedia assets.

Creating a great social media content calendar is not as difficult as you think.

If you have some basic Microsoft Excel skills, you can build a content calendar that clearly showcases your strategy for the upcoming weeks and months. Not only will this enable you to publish better content, but it is also going to save you a lot of time.

Whether you are an independent music artist or a music band, a well-structured social media content calendar is going to make it much easier to manage your efforts and make sure you consistently meet the needs and expectations of your audience.

When you start doing this, your social media marketing results will significantly increase.

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Author: Diana Aghumyan | Content Writer, Syncho